About us

The idea for The Little Blue House came about when my daughter started eating solid foods. I wanted to feed her completely natural food and avoid salt and refined sugar as much as possible while she was so small. As she grew I found myself spending most of the day cooking, making her meals but also trying to find healthy snacks for her to eat between meals. I found myself resorting to bread sticks a lot of the time, which were very handy (and she loved!). But I couldn’t help feeling that I was missing an opportunity for her to be eating something more wholesome and nutritional.

I also enjoyed taking her out to cafes from time to time, meeting other parents with babies. I wanted to give her a little treat while we were there (so she wouldn’t eat mine) but I noticed that all of the options available contained quite a lot of sugar. I thought it would be nice to have an option available for babies and small children. Something that didn’t contain lots of salt or sugar or strange additives and that I felt would be both tasty and nutritional for her.

So I decided to start making snacks to supply to local businesses, so that other parents had some healthy, home-made options for feeding their small children when they are out and about.  It’s notoriously difficult to get some small children to eat a varied diet. What I wanted to do is to make a range of snacks that hopefully appeal to children’s tastes but that also provide a good source of nutrition.

The Little Blue House is a small, home run business. We welcome your ideas and feedback as we grow!