One nibble at a time

It is my great pleasure to introduce Little Blue House snacks while we take our first wobbly steps into the real world!

Little Blue House is a fledgling business, producing home made snacks for small children and babies from weaning age upwards. We are based in Totterdown in Bristol, in a little blue house perched high up on a hill, hence the name for the business.

Our aim is to provide local businesses with really delicious, healthy and wholesome snacks that parents can buy for their children, knowing they are eating something that is good for them. But more importantly, snacks that children will enjoy eating! We don’t use added salt or refined sugar and because they are home-made they don’t contain any worrying additives or sneaky ingredients.

Our current menu includes fig rolls, banana and date flapjacks, cheddar and courgette muffins and cranberry and orange oat biscuits and there are plenty more delicious ideas on the horizon.

At the moment we’re busy working on recipes, finalising our marketing materials and thinking about how to take things forward. It’s a busy and interesting time and we are looking forward to an exciting future ahead – watch this space!



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